My name is Alena and I propose to become to

your personal expert in the design of look.


 I am a freelance specialist in field of cosmetics and treatments. I work at home conducive to a casual and friendly atmosphere. I offer quality services in the sublimation of your eyelashes by using technology "Lash Lifting" and  also your eyebrows by redesigning them so as to open the eyes, to finish on a color adapted to the skin tone and hair color.

To control all the specifics in my activity, I am in constant search of innovations and new techniques to enhance the natural beauty of the look and eyes, in order to provide you with the current trends.


Attention! Important! I use the luxury products and only very high quality materials.


 Be assured that the result of my work will not only attract or divert the attention of the men who cross your path, but will also make the female gender being jealous! My services are much more affordable than in beauty salons, not having the same charge as the latter.


  • To make your wonderfully expressive and enough compelling eyes, it takes between 1 and 1h 30.


  • Dans In my salon at home, you will find a warm and comfortable environment where you can relax with a cup of coffee.        

Certificate Specialist Lash Lifting
Certificate Brow artist
Certificate Specialist of 3D Eyebrows Bio Henna Tattoo
Certificate Specialist Eyelash extensions

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