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The eyebrows is the keystone of

your eyes


A long-lasting enhancement and curving eyelashes over a long period of one month and a half, alternative solution to conventional old school perming rods that made your lashes look like you slept on your face after a night full of shenanigans. Never a cute picture! 

No more daily chore with eyelash curlers!

Stop the fragile and thin eyelashes!

Stop to the irritating and harmful eyelash perm!

Yes to the natural alternative which still provides the 'big lash look'!


This is a new technique which is different from classical aggressive eyelash perm and traditional rolls by the soft products based keratin, curving and fortifiers as well as silicon shields lift the eyelashes from the roots are much more comfortable and ergonomic!


The method is simple and very effective: it opens the eyes from lash line and it will seduce you very natural result.


Lash Lifting brings you:


1. Stunning length, volume and lift for a long time in order to velvety look and give it depth. Too short or eyelashes which missed the curls finally found their parade.


2. Upon waking up, without makeup, your look is sublimated!


3. You can practice your sport, even swimming, enjoy the benefits of the hammam, sauna and always perfectly graceful, with eyelashes which keep their curvatures.


4. The eyelashes are curved and long in a sustainable manner (between 4-6 weeks).


5. No eye irritation during the procedure! (unlike conventional old school perming rods which unpleasantly itchy eyes!)


Lash Lifting technology:


An eyelash has a lifespan of 60-90 days, the enhancement allows lashes to remain curled throughout the life of your natural lashes.


Small silicon shields in the form of your eyelid are adapted to the curve of your eyelashes. Your lashes are subsequently worked on this silicone pads to give them a longer effect, silky and curved.


The treatement is completely painless!








Luxury perm eyelashes
Окрашивание бровей в Париже

Lash Lifting and Botox Lashes

Brow Bar

Ламинирование ресниц в Париже
Permanente de cils luxe Paris
Brow Sculpt
Your eyebrows are shaped with tweezers and tinted to give them an accurate line, perfectly adapted to your morphology of facial features. Complemented with professional makeup for eyebrows

This service is suitable for people who have little or no eyebrows, which have retarded growth, for those who didn't dare to make permanent makeup, or who wish to replace the daily routine of the eyebrow pencil. The tending this benefit is approximately two weeks, depending on skin type and according to the time pose.

Окрашивание ресниц и бровей в Париже

Lash Bar

Enhance your look with the bar menu

Eyelash extensions
(one-by-one technology)

The method of eyelash extensions "one-by-one" allows to lengthen, thicken and curl your lashes without risk. No need mascara, you get up in the morning with a fresh and intense look!
This technique involves applying an extension on each of your natural lashes.
Extensions are synthetic silk, they are light and soft to the touch.
The growth of your eyelashes is fully respected, since the adhesive is never in contact with skin.


Hair Care Bar

Keratin Straightening Treatment

Keratin straightening and Botox Hair

REVOLUTIONARY HAIR STRAIGHTENING TREATMENT of premium quality from the Honma Tokyo brand:

  • Formalin-free / non-toxic (usable for pregnant / lactating women)

  • Without aggressive products, which breaking the hair fiber

  • Without unpleasant smell

  • Containing 1 exclusive patented "Luna Matrix" complex (amino acids, vitamins, silver ions, oil)

  • The hair stays straight EVEN under damp weather conditions

  • The effect lasts 3-6 months and the result is immediate after treatment

Thermal reconstruction and hair restoration

The best long-term current existing hair treatment: up to 2 months! ("Masks" = 2 weeks max and mediocre result!).

  • Strengthens hair from within.

  • Eliminates frizz and prevents the appearance of damaged extremities.

  • Restores the intercellular membrane (nanotechnology).

  • Gives incredible shine.

  • Neutralizes the yellowing of the hair.

  • With each subsequent treatment, the effect lasts longer and makes the hair more and more beautiful.


This is a 2 in 1 treatment that uniting our Botox treatment + Keratin Straightening treatment!

This treatment makes the possibility to simultaneously HYDRATE + SMOOTH your hair (only European type of the hair), wich finally become disciplined, relaxed, silky and wonderfully beautiful!

What is Bixyplastia?

It comes from Bixa berries. These berries are rich in proteins and fatty acids, and effectively protect against UV. The formula contains Amazonian oils and soft citrus essences. That create a perfect combination for the shiny, moisturize and straighten hair, up to 3 months!

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